Pay Per Lead Program

Earn $5.00 Per Free Lead - Worldwide!

How would you like to have access to all Emails you Collect for Pick and Profit!? - You will be able to email them whenever you like! On top of that you earn $5.00 per each Free Lead you refer to Pick and Profit, which means you can now earn $5.00 without your Emails having to make any Upgrade, they simply need to be qualified - this qualification is done automatically by our system to avoid people from cheating submitting their own Leads. What if they don't qualify!? When your Lead doesn't qualify you still get a chance to earn up to $80 payments according to their activity.

You Use Your Unique Capture Page To Capture Your Leads

Our System will verify & qualify your Free Lead: You earn $5.00 when qualified

If your Lead doesn't qualify for Free you can still get payments

You Earn up to $80 from your Leads when they Join Pick and Profit


The ONLY requirement for you to qualify and earn $5 per Free Lead is to have an Autoresponder linked to your Pick and Profit Account so we can keep all your Leads separated from the rest of the Leads generated by other Pick and Profit Members. You don't need to create a third party account to get an Autoresponder, we will set up the Autoresponder for you using our own Mailing Service - you simply need to activate your subscription using any of the Paypal options available to keep your Autoresponder active. If you need to Email your Leads you simply need to Contact Us with the email you want to send them (we will email your leads for you) or you can request for us to send you a List with all your Leads (Name & Email) and you can email them using your own Mailer/Email Account.

Currently there's 4 Options available to Activate your Autoresponder with Pick and Profit and you can save money choosing a higher Subscription Period:

Monthly Plan: $11.50

3 Months Plan: $25.00

6 Months Plan: $40.00

12 Months Plan: $60.00

*With your purchase you agree to our Terms & Conditions

Extra Bonus: First 100 Only - 7 Left

When you Join our Free Lead Program TODAY we will give you Free Leads as a Bonus - we will randomly place any Non-Sponsored Members (who join Pick and Profit without a Referral link) under you. This Bonus Offer is Limited and only available for the first 100 Members to Join our Free Lead Program.

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