Earn MONEY ONLINE Collecting Emails, Up To $140 Per Email Collected!

Before we get started let me ask you a few questions:

- Are you currently working online and struggling to earn money?

- Do you find it difficult to earn money online?

- Do you have 15-30 minutes daily to work online?

- Do you REALLY want to earn money working online?

If you answered YES to one or all these questions please keep reading because everything is going to change TODAY.

Recently I have created a Program to help other people to earn easy payments by simply "Collecting Emails". I'm sure you have heard: - The Money is on the List - And it means that if you have a List with Emails you will be able to Earn Money using your Mailing List. But do you know how to Monetize your Emails!? Probably not. Just for you to have an idea, on average each Email in any List is worth $1.00! So, for example, if you have a list with 1,000 Emails you will be able to earn $1,000, right!?

Well, actually each Email we collect using Pick and Profit can be worth up to $140.00 and that's how much you could be earning when you join and become a Pick 100 Member. But not only that, as a Pick 100 Member you will also receive 24 Months Advertising with Pick and Profit, which means you can advertise your Website, Business Opportunity or ANYTHING you want to our Members and Visitors.


I know it sounds too good, but it isn't, because there's a "Secret" I'm currently using to increase all Email Conversions and earn more than anyone else and the good news is that you will now be able to use my "Secret" to start earning money the same way I'm doing it.

How Does That Work!?

Complete 3 Steps

You need to complete an Easy 3-Step Registration. You only need to complete your Registration once.

Post Free Ads

To Collect Emails you simply need to Post Free Ads on Facebook and other Advertising Platforms.

Collect Emails

When you Post Ads Our System will Start Collecting Emails - This Process is Fully Automated

Get Paid Daily

You Earn up to $140.00 per Email Collected (depending on your Package and your Emails Collected)

Getting Started

It's very easy and no matter where you start, I want to let you know that you will never be left working alone, at Pick and Profit we all work as a team and we all help each other to Earn Money. By joining today you will be able to start earning money right away and at the same time, you will be able to start building a Business for yourself and for your future, because not only you will be able to get paid for Emails Collected, but also create a Business Portfolio using our suggested Income Streams Opportunities.

Your Job

It's as simple as Posting Facebook Ads on 25-50 Facebook Groups each day! I will provide you all Instructions with the Facebook Ad(s) & 175 Facebook Groups for you to Post - everything is available inside your Pick and Profit Backoffice - and all you need is to Provide 15-30 Minutes Daily from your time (anytime of the day) to Post Ads - I will also provide you with other Advertising Platforms if you would like to use them to increase your earnings collecting more Emails - you can also use Platforms you already know to Collect Emails because you can Collect Emails from anywhere - You Post Ads and Our System will Collect Emails Automatically for you to Earn Money.

How Do You Make Money Collecting Emails?

There's 3 Processes for you to get Paid Collecting Emails:

#1 - You get an Instant Payment for each Email Submitted through your Referral Link - between $0.01 and $0.08;

#2 - The System will verify each Email Submitted and you will earn between $0.09 and $0.72 for each Email Verified (Verification is required to avoid Fake Emails and People Cheating);

Note: To complete the Verification Process doesn't mean your Emails need to buy anything, it means they need to complete a Task (the System does it automatically) for you to get your Payment #2 and you will earn payments from all Emails Verified according to your Package, the Higher your Package the more you will earn.

#3 - You will also earn Commissions when your Emails become Referrals & Upgrade their Package - this means you can earn up to $140.00 per Referral/Email, depending on your Package. However to reach Pick 100 (Highest Package) all Members will need to Upgrade 5 times, so everyone can earn up to 5 Payments from 1 Single Email Collected - there's 5 Paid Packages available: Pick 5 ($5), Pick 10 ($10), Pick 20 ($20), Pick 40 ($40) & Pick 100 ($100) - every time any of your Referrals does an Upgrade you get a Payment and you will earn up to $140.00 per Referral/Email, when you reach Pick 100 Package, so make sure you get to the Highest Package as soon as possible to earn the Highest Commission from your Emails/Referrals.

Upgraded Member's Benefits

When you Upgrade (Buy a Package) you are entitled to Advertising and you can Advertise anything you like, so if you have a Website or an Affiliate Link you will be able to Advertise it with Pick and Profit. Each one of the 5 Packages available has a different Advertising Period. Example: You can get 15 Days Banner Advertising with just $5.00 (Pick 5) or 24 Months Banner Advertising when you buy the $100 Package (Pick 100). If you don't buy any Package you will be a Free Member which doesn't include any Advertising, but if you Collect 10 Emails* you will get a Free Upgrade to Pick 1 ($1 Package) which entitles you to 7 Days Banner Advertising - Pick 1 is the only Advertising Package not available for Purchase, you can only earn it collecting 10 Emails as a Free Member. Pick 5, 10, 20, 40 and 100 Packages require Purchase and offer you Advertising & Payments from Emails Collected.

*As a Free Member you don't get paid for these 10 Emails but you will get a Free Upgrade to $1 Package (worth $1).

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