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Crypto Tab

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Install Computta Smart Miner and turn your Computer into a 24/7 Money Generator. It’s 100% on Autopilot and 100% FREE. Invite your Friends with your Referral Link and earn a share from their mining up to 5 Levels. Receive 0.0005 BTC as Bonus when you Sign Up!

Freebitcoin is the best Free Faucet I know. You can claim up to $200 in BTC every Hour. There’s a Weekly Lottery with 10 Prizes: the 1st Prize is usually over 1 BTC. You can Play to Multiply your BTC. And if you Refer Friends you earn a share from what they do for life! 


Also a Faucet, but you can only claim once Daily. I like it for the fact that you can exchange your earnings from the faucet to purchase Cloud Mining and it will slowly start mining BTC and/or any other Cryptocurrency (you can choose what you want to mine).

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Digitex (DGTX)

1 -  Sign Up using the button below;
2 -  Check your Inbox & Verify your Email.

Value: ~$27 - $2,700


1 -  Click on the button below to open their website;
2 -  Click on "Airdrop" from the Top Menu;
3 -  Sign In using Twitter, Facebook, LinkdIn, Reddit, Google, Youtube, Amazon, Telegram, Yahoo, Hotmail or Github;
4 -  After you have used any of the above you can also Login using all other options to increase your Points;
5 -  Invite Friends to get extra Points.

Value: ~$240

ZoidCoin (ZCN)

1 -  Sign up using the button below, name, e-mail, password. Then do the actions respecting the instructions;
2 -  Join the Telegram;
3 -  Visit Facebook personally I followed and like, but this action does not seem obligatory;
4 -  Follow Twitter;
5 -  Retweet this Retweet;
6 - Invite Friends to get 50 ZCN per Referral.

Value: ~$2.4

CoTrader (COT)

1 - Click on the button below and Follow Instructions from the Telegram Bot;
2 - Answer some easy questions;
3 - Join their Telegram group;
4 - Submit your email to the bot and verify it;
5 - Follow them on Twitter, Like & Retweet. Note: submit your Twitter username without the “@”
6 - Complete the remaining Social Media Tasks & Submit your ETH Address to Claim Tokens;
7 - Share your Referral Link with your Friends &  Get extra 2,500 COT for every referral.

Value: ~$5

LockTrip (LOC)

1 - Visit the LockTrip airdrop page.
2 - Click on “Participate” and then click on “Join airdrop”.
3 - Enter your mail address and click on “Claim tokens”.
4 - Join their Telegram group.
5 - Follow them on Twitter and retweet the mentioned tweet from the page.
6 - Like and follow their Facebook page.
7 - Follow them on Medium.
8 - Submit your details to the airdrop page.
9 - Accept the terms and click on “Claim tokens.
10 - Answer some simple questions and signup for LockTrip.
11- You will be asked to create a wallet.
12 - Save your wallet details and log in to LockTrip.
13 - Make sure to verify your mail and complete all the above tasks.
14 - You will get $10 worth of LOC tokens.
15 - Also get $5 worth of LOC for every referral.

Value: ~$10

Wixlar (WIX)

1 - Click on the button below to open their website & Register;
2 -  Invite Friends to Earn extra WIX Coins.

Value: ~$6

NextPakk (PAKKA)

1 - Click on the button below;
2 - Click on “Login/Sign up“;
3 - Submit your details and Sign up;
4 - Verify your mail and Login;
5 - Go to your profile and submit your details;
6 - Invite Friends to get 10 PAKKA per Referral.

Value: ~$4.8

Crystals (CRS)

1 - Click on the button below and Follow Instructions from the Telegram Bot;
2 - Join Crystals Telegram Group. (+10 CRS);
3 - (Optional) Follow Crystals on Twitter;
4 - (Optional) Retweet their pinned tweet. (+10 CRS);
5 - Submit your Email, Ethereum address, Twitter Username;
6 - Share your link and earn 5 CRS per Referral.

Value: ~$2

TheAirTrade (ATT)

1 -  Enter ETH address & Follow the Instructions on the next Page (very easy);
2 -  Get your Referral Link to get 1000 ATT per Referral.

Value: ~$100


Install the CryptoGiveaway Bounty app and receive free bonus coins! Your opportunities are limitless: tell your friends about our app and get additional bonus coins right away.

Value: ~$10


Go to the airdrop to earn $7. Join the referral program to earn up to $3500. Create an account at and provide your ETH address in order to receive your Stakes.

Value: ~$7


- Sign Up with Email;
- Verify Email Address;
- Complete Social Media Tasks.

Value: ~$17


Follow the Telegram Bot Instructions:
- Sign Up on Website;
- Verify your Account.

Value: ~$1.2

LaborCrypto (LBR)

Follow the Telegram Bot Instructions:
- Enter your Name;
- Join Telegram Group;
- Play Captcha;
- Get your Referral Link & Refer Friends to Earn Extra Points.

Value: ~$?

Trident (TDC)

- Sign Up Below & Verify your Email;
- Login to your Trident Account and click on "Claim your FREE Token" to claim your Free Token;
- Refer Friends & Earn 1 Token per Referral.

Value: ~$3.75


After registration on their website, go to "Airdrop" from the Left Menu from your Account and follow the steps to earn Tokens. Do not forget to go to "ETH-Wallet" in the Menu then Enter and Verify your ETH Address.

Value: ~$22

DGold Currency

Get 100 DGold Coins as a Free Gift when you Sign Up: Just Register your Account and Verify your Email. ICO is scheduled for July 2018.

Value: ~$?

CoinPulse (CPEX)

1 -  Click the button below & Chat with Telegram bot;
2 -  Join the Telegram Group;
3 -  Register on their Website & Verify your Email Address;
4 - Invite Friends to get 25 CPEX for every referral and an extra 10 CPEX if your referred friend invites another friend.

Value: ~$4


Follow the Telegram Bot Instructions:
- Select your Language;
- Join Telegram Group & Follow on Twitter;
- Submit your ETH Address to the Bot;
- Get your Referral Link & Refer Friends to Earn 10 ALE per Referral.

Value: ~$10


Follow the Telegram Bot Instructions:
- Submit your Email and Verify;
- Submit your ETH Address;
- Watch a Video (Link is provided);
- Click on ''Unlock RBG'' to Earn more Coins.

Value: ~$3


To Claim 100 Coins:
- Join Telegram Group;
- Provide your ETH Address;
-Enter your Email Address;
- Country
- Tick all boxes & Sign up;
- Get your Referral Link to get extra XCHNG Coins.

Value: ~$10

EasyOption (EOPT)

- Enter ETH address & Follow the Instructions on the next Page (very easy);
- Get your Referral Link to get 1000 EOPT per Referral.

Value: ~$200

Workcoin (WRK)

- Enter your Email Address (you must confirm it);
- Enter your ETH Address to receive Coins
- Enter your Telegram Username & Join Telegram Group;
- Get your Referral Link & Share it with Friends to get extra WRK Coins.

Value: ~$2.8


Sign up with your Email. Verify Email & Get Coins. Share your Referral Link with yur Friends to get extra EWC Coins.

Value: ~$40

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