Pick and Profit Investment Fund
Minimum Investment: $10.00
*Estimated Monthly Profit




*Estimated Profit may vary from the Actual Profit achieved at the end of each Month – this is only and exclusively the current profit average based on past results and it will give you an idea about what is possible to be achieved using our current Investment Fund.

Our Investments


8864 VLX (Crypto)

Total Value: $212.00


1000 TDC (Crypto)

Total Value: $2.900


Crypto Bot

Total Value: $45.28


Heleum (Crypto)

Total Value: $321.00


9,000 DGTX (Crypto)

Total Value: $403.38


POS (Proof-Of-Stake)

Total Value: $8.02


1350 KBC (Karatgold)

Total Value: $33.53


325 NSG (Nasgo)

Total Value: $78.10


87,978 JSE (Crypto)

Total Value: $23.87


6,920 ETN

Total Value: $26.61



Total Value: $143.57


12,812 DOGE (Hodl)

Total Value: $27.82


Forex Trading

Total Value: $240.16


Sports Betting

Total Value: $235.00

Investors (Names)
Total Investment
Pending Investment
Profit Share (%)
Monthly Profit
Total Paid Profit
Total Withdrawals
Available Balance
Arjan van Hemert$20.00$0.000.37%$2.07$1.66$0.00$21.66
Cirilo Rodriguez$10.10$0.000.14%$0.76-$2.17$0.00$7.93
Daniel Maftei$54.83$0.000.36%$1.99$0.61$34.62$20.82
Dayo Makinde$10.00$0.000.16%$0.87-$0.85$0.00$9.15
Dennis Nunez$10.00$0.000.17%$0.95$0.00$0.00$10.00
Deterion Woods$10.00$0.000.14%$0.78-$1.84$0.00$8.16
Driss Elouali$49.28$0.000.92%$5.16$4.77$0.00$54.05
Edgar Arias$2,155.43$0.0026.59%$148.34-$33.93$566.92$1,554.58
Filipe Diogo$25.00$0.000.54%$3.01$6.54$0.00$31.54
Frank Novak$18.40$0.000.38%$2.13$3.87$0.00$22.27
Giovanni Marchetta$20.00$0.000.36%$2.01$1.11$0.00$21.11
Golam Khan$45.79$0.000.70%$3.90-$4.92$0.00$40.87
Helen Talbert$10.00$0.000.16%$0.91-$0.50$0.00$9.50
Igor Vitman$10.00$0.000.15%$0.84-$1.24$0.00$8.76
Jose Geraldes$3,922.76$0.0049.42%$275.73-$33.26$1,000.00$2,889.50
Joseph Rodriguez$24.22$0.000.34%$1.90-$4.32$0.00$19.90
Julian Agunabor$15.00$0.000.32%$1.80$3.90$0.00$18.90
Julius Jonkers$12.80$0.000.25%$1.40$1.84$0.00$14.64
Kathryn Duly$500.00$0.008.81%$49.14$14.97$0.00$514.97
Kordula Erlacher$32.85$0.000.68%$3.80$6.94$0.00$39.79
Kyle Benham$10.00$0.000.14%$0.78-$1.84$0.00$8.16
Lucienne Fleury$119.63$0.002.23%$12.46$10.98$0.00$130.61
Mafaesa Elias$10.00$0.000.16%$0.87-$0.85$0.00$9.15
Manfred de Vries$25.00$0.000.38%$2.13-$2.68$0.00$22.32
Md Nur Islam$10.00$0.000.19%$1.07$1.20$0.00$11.20
Mohamed Salim$10.00$0.000.21%$1.16$2.11$0.00$12.11
Moses Okpala$100.00$0.001.76%$9.82$2.89$0.00$102.89
Nehrou Elarbi$10.00$0.000.16%$0.87-$0.85$0.00$9.15
Oliver Thomson$9.72$0.000.14%$0.78-$1.55$0.00$8.17
Robert Lawrence$17.00$0.000.28%$1.54-$0.85$0.00$16.15
ShirleyAnn Pearman$11.40$0.000.19%$1.03-$0.57$0.00$10.83
Sherman Rolle$108.91$0.002.04%$11.39$10.43$0.00$119.34
Silviar Antiohos$24.48$0.000.35%$1.97-$3.81$0.00$20.67
Tari Okara$10.00$0.000.20%$1.11$1.60$0.00$11.60
Theodora Boamah$11.40$0.000.25%$1.37$2.97$0.00$14.37
Uta Loetzsch (NEW)$10.00$0.000.17%$0.95$0.00$0.00$10.00
Võ Quốc Dũng$10.00$0.000.20%$1.11$1.60$0.00$11.60
Investors (Name): The Investors currently participating  on our Investment Fund;

Active Investment: Total Active Amount Invested from each Investor;

Pending Investment: Because all Trading Results are confirmed at the end of each Month, all Pending Investments will become Active Investments at the beginning of each Month;

Profit Share: All Profit shared with each Investor according to their Total Balance Invested (Investement + Profit – Withdrawals): Higher Available Balance = Higher Profit Share;

Profit: Profit for the Current Month – When the current Month ends, this Profit is calculated and added to Investor’s Paid Profit on Day 1 from the following Month;

Total Paid Profit: Total Paid into the Investor’s Available Balance from all Profit Generated – this excludes the Profit from the Current Month which will be added on Day 1 from the following Month;

Total Withdrawals: Total Paid to the Investor’s External Account;

Available Balance: Total Amount Invested from each Investor – This Balance can be partially or totally withdrawn anytime.

Investment Fund Results

For transparency purposes all past Investment Results will be shared on this Page. 

Year 2017


Year 2018


Year 2019


Do you want to participate in our Investment Fund?
You don’t need to do Trading or Create an Account

How does it work? Your Investment ($10 or more) is added to a Multiple Investment Fund Account together with all Investments. Our Investment Results are calculated on a Monthly basis and all Profit for the Month will be shared between all Investors (according to their Profit Share*) at the beginning of the following Month: There’s a 25% Commission taken from the Monthly Profit (not from the Investments) to cover expenses for this service, and the remaining 75% is shared between all Investors. If you don’t request Withdrawal, your Profit will be added to your Available Balance on the following Month, compounding your Investment to generate a higher return.

*Profit Share Percentage Calculation Formula for each Investor = (Investor Available Balance / Total Available Balance) X 100

How to start? You can Invest anytime using Uphold, Paypal, Skrill, Perfect Money or Bitcoin (or Crypto Currency), – 5% Transaction Fee will apply for each Payment Processor – however if you send your Investment after the 5th of the current Month, it will stay Pending and will only become Active at the beginning of the following Month – the reason is because all Investments run on a Monthly basis and your Investment must be active for at least 25 Days to entitle you to receive a Monthly Profit Share. 

How to request withdrawal? You may request Full or Partial Withdrawal (No Transaction Fee) from your Investment anytime, however your withdrawal will be processed within 30-60 Days after the date you have requested it (in some cases we are able to process your withdrawal within a week) – the reason is to make sure we are able to remove funds without risking the remaining investments. If you want to Withdraw Funds from your Investment please use the button below to send in your Request:

Note: You can also Invest using an Automated Trading System – you don’t need to Trade, you simply need to get Successful Traders who will do all the Trading on your behalf:

DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is for everyone looking for ways to invest their money and generate profit on a long term period. Please note, that we will always try to recommend programs that are legit, have been tested and offer proof of results. Although most of the following programs are claimed to offer small or risk free investments, we always suggest to invest only money that you can afford to lose.

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