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My current Live Account being traded on Autopilot by Gekko Bot – Since 01/03/2018

Screenshot: Backtest Results for 6 Months: $15,745.47 / 261.01% Profit (Start Balance: $4,261) These are potential results we could have achieved within just 6 Months Trading BTC/USDT – even when BTC dipped it still made money!


STEP 1: In order to Run Gekko you will need a Virtual Private Server (VPS), so your Bot can run 24/7 without any interruptions. I recommend you to get your VPS from Win-VPS as it is very reliable and the price starts at only $5 per Month for a WOOD 1 VPS.

STEP 2: Install & Setup Gekko on your VPS.

STEP 3: Link your Crypto Exchange Platform to your Gekko. There’s several Exchanges available, but I recommend Binance, which is the one I’m currently using and I’m getting great results. Besides Binance you can use Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinfalcon, GDAX, Kraken or Polinex (might be others available in the future).

STEP 4: After you have completed the setup and linked your Exchange Platform you need to find a Strategy that works well for you – you do this under “Backtest”. After you have found a Profitable Strategy go to “Live Gekkos” and set it up to start Trading with your Live Account – choose tradebot as type so it can trade on autopilot – after you have done that the Bot will trade on Autopilot and you don’t need to do anything else.

Note: You can always top up your Account without having to stop the Bot. Your funds are traded inside your Exchange Platform and it will always remain in your Exchange Account for you to access it whenever you like.


Don’t know exactly what to do!? I can do the setup for you FREE of charge (for limited time only) – so take advantage of this offer now because I will be charging $50 as a setup fee in the future. To setup your Gekko Auto Bot I will use my own Profitable Strategy, and all you need to do is:

1 – Get your WOOD 1 VPS for $5 per Month (or $3.99/Month when you pay 1 Year) from Win-VPS here

2 – Create a Binance Account (click here to create one if you don’t have one yet);

3 – Fund your Binance Account with $25 or more in BTC to be traded by the Gekko Auto Bot – make sure you keep your Balance with BTC, the Bot will be Trading BTC/USDT;

4 – Go to your Binance Account and click on “API Setting” and “Create a New Key”: Leave Read Info & Enable Trading checked – Do NOT check the option “Enable Withdrawals”, I don’t need that option and it’s safer if you leave it unchecked;

5 – Send me your Win-VPS Email & your Win-VPS Password to install your Gekko on your VPS (use form below);

6 – Send me your API Key & Secret from Binance New Key created (use form below);

7 – After I have received your Details I will setup your Gekko Bot within 24 Hours using the same Profitable Strategy I’m currently using. If you need any help please Contact Me

Disclaimer: Please note that I cannot guarantee results or be responsible for any losses that may occur during the Gekko Auto Bot Trading. I will always do my best to have your Account set with the Best Strategy (same I’m using for my own Account/Investment) and I recommend you to Invest only what you can afford to lose.

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