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Pick and Profit offers you the Best and Cheaper Solution for your Advertising, where you will not only get plenty exposure for your Banner Ad (728X90, 250X250 or 468X60), but also Return of Investment.

How does it work?

Currently we have 5 Advertising Packages available and Pick 100 is just one of Packages you can choose. Being a Pick 100 Member will cost you Only $100 and you will get 24 Months Banner Advertising for anything you like – this can be for your own Website or an Affiliate Link to get you Referrals and/or Commissions. When you buy Pick 100 Package not only you will get plenty Advertising, but also Incredible Commissions: up to $80 per each Referral! To Earn these Commissions is totally optional – you can Advertise without Earning – but when you buy Advertising from Pick and Profit you will be entitled to Earn Money while you Advertise your Banner(s) with us! To Learn More use the Button below:

How much Traffic does Pick and Profit get?

Results from October 2017

Where does the Traffic come from?

Results from October 2017

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