I would like to share with you how a simple but powerful tool can help you achieve amazing results trading Forex. I have tested it myself and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Here is a screenshot of my FBS Trading Account (click image to enlarge):


In order for you to be able to achieve these results you don’t need to have any Technical  Knowledge, you simply need to know how to use a Metatrader and be able to Buy/Sell and Close a trade. If you need a Metatrader, I recommend you to create an Account with FBS because they offer Insurance (if you deposit $100+) – use the button below to create your Account:

Getting Started:

After you have your Metatrader Account ready you can start Trading… but first, in order for you to get profitable trades you need to know exactly when to BUY and when to SELL, and Forex Trendy is the tool you will use to find those profitable trades. Below you have the button to register your Account with Forex Trendy, it’s only $37 per 3 Months:

Let’s Trade & Make Profit:

After you have registered with Forex Trendy you will have immediate access to the Members Area, where you will find valuable information to help you to achieve profitable trades. Below I explain exactly what you should look for and I will give you examples about when you should place a BUY/SELL Trade.

Example #1:

Inside your Forex Trendy Members Area click on “Settings”. Then choose ONE Forex Pair – in this example we will choose EURUSD. Select all 9 Time Frames. Choose 10 Charts & 200 Bars. Choose “Only Recovered Drawdown” and “Show More”. Everything else leave it as it is and scroll down to click on “Save” – See screenshot below:

After you have saved, click on “Trends” to display the EURUSD Charts:
From looking at the information provided below the Chart you will get 3 Options: BUY, SELL or NO TRADE! In this case we have a SELL option because M30, H1 and H4 have a Red Arrow pointing down (Sell):
Note #1: In case if any of the time frames (M30, H1 or H4) had an arrow pointing on the opposite direction it would be a NO TRADE Option (see Example #2):

Note #2: Don’t worry about the other Time Frames if they are pointing to the opposite side, however if all or most of the other Time Frames are also pointing to the same direction as M30, H1, H4 is definitely a great sign for a Profitable Trade.

Example #2:

Click again on “Settings” and choose a different Forex Pair – in this example we will remove EURUSD and tick USDCHF. Leave everything else as per our Example #1  and click “Save”:

After you have saved, click on “Trends” to display the USDCHF Charts:
In this case M30, H1 and H4 Time Frames are not pointing all in the same direction – M30 and H1 are pointing down and H4 is pointing up so it would be a NO TRADE Option:

Example #3:

Click again on “Settings” and choose a different Forex Pair – in this example we will remove USDCHF and choose USDJPY. Leave everything else as per our Example #1  and click “Save”:

After you have saved, click on “Trends” to display the USDJPY Charts:
In this case M30, H1 and H4 Time Frames are all pointing in the same direction: UP – so it would be a BUY Option:
I believe by now you understand how it works and how easy it is to find Trading opportunities using Forex Trendy, however there’s 3 Important Points that you always need to have into consideration:

1) Size of the Lot to trade? It depends on the amount you will be trading (I recommend $250 or more) and to find the recommended lot you should use this formula: Total Amount available in your Trading Account / 25000 = Recommended Trading Lot. Example: $250 / 25000 = 0.01 Lot;

2) When to look for Trading Opportunities? I recommend you to do it at least 1 to 2 times per day (Monday to Friday when the Forex Market is open) – find a time during the day that suits you, I like to do it in the morning when I get up and evening;

3) When to close the Trades to take Profit? The reason why we use M30, H1 and H4 Time Frames is to make sure the trades will last hours or days and not minutes. So, when you are searching for new Trading Opportunities check the Arrows for the Trades you have currently open and if any of the 3 Arrows from M30, H1 and H4 is pointing to a different direction is time to close the Trade. For example: We have a open SELL Trade with EURUSD (we opened this trade when all 3 Time Frames M30, H1 and H4 were pointing DOWN) and we check these arrows everyday to see if there’s any changes, when M30, H1 or H4 points UP we close the trade. – Keep in mind that there will be times you will have to close it with a loss, it will happen occasionally and it’s normal to happen as we cannot have 100% profitable trades, no one can.


Check all 34 Forex Pairs (you can also use Gold, Silver and Oil) one by one each day (at least 1 to 2 times per day) to find M30, H1 and H4 pointing all in the same direction. When you find it go to your Metatrader Account and place a BUY or SELL Instant Order according to the Arrows (3 Red Arrows pointing DOWN = SELL / 3 Green Arrows pointing UP = BUY). Use the correct Lot Size according to the formula provided above (increase your Lot Size as your Balance increases to compound your earnings). Close the Trades when any of the 3 Arrows turns to the opposite direction, regardless if there’s a Profit or Loss (most of the time there will be a Profitable Trade).

Pattern Trading:

Forex Trendy also offers Pattern Trading but I don’t recommend it as I didn’t get good results from the tests I have done, however you are welcome to test/use it for yourself if you want to.

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The content on this page is a suggestion for everyone looking for ways to invest in Forex and generate profit on a long term period. Please note, that we will always try to recommend programs that have been tested and offer proof of results. Although most of the mentioned programs are claimed to offer small or risk invetsment, we always recommend to invest only what you can afford to lose.