How to Trade Successfully Copying Successful Traders?

Before I show you any results I just want to let you know that I’m not a Professional Trader and I’m not even trading Forex or other Markets. I simply Copy Professional Traders who Trade on my behalf automatically without me having to open or close any trades. This service is available for all Share4You Traders (free of charge) where you and everyone can use exactly the same strategy I’m currently using to profit from Professional Traders who do all the Trading on my behalf. Below (STEP 1) you can see the Top 10 Traders I’m copying and also their Results from Trading – this is just an estimation of how much anyone can earn Copying them – we don’t need to open or close any Positions, they do everything on our behalf automatically, we just need to Join and start Copying Traders:

How To start Copy Trading? (Step By Step)

STEP 1: Choose One Trader from the Top 10 Leaderboard and Click on “Start Copying” – For this Example we will be using AV Project – you can choose any Trader and copy as many Traders as you like.

STEP 2: After we have clicked “Start Copying” we will Access the “Investment Calculator” for the chosen Trader:
Investment: This is how much we will be investing with the Trader – we can change the Amount (Higher or Lower) according to how much we are willing to Invest – there’s always a minimum amount required which varies according to each Trader.
Investment Period: This is the Period we will be Copying the Trader (usually there’s 1w (1 week), 2w 1d (15 days) 1m (1 month), 6m (6 months) etc… We can choose the Investment Period we want from the Options available.
Estimated Profit: This is how much we can earn according to our Investment and Investment Period (this is just an estimation according to previous results from the Trader).
Estimated Profitability: It’s the Percentage of the Eatimated Profit.
STEP 3: For this Example we are going to choose the following Settings to Start Copying AV Project:
Investment: We will Invest $14 – the Minimum Investment is $13 and we need to Invest $13 or more.
Investment Period: We will choose 2w 1d to invest it for 15 Days.
Estimated Profit: After 15 Days the Estimated Profit is $579 (this is just an Estimation of how much we can earn according to past Results, these are NOT Guaranteed Profits – might be higher or lower)
Estimated Profitability: 4136.22% is the Total Profitability Percentage for our Investment ($14) VS Estimated Profit ($579)
To Proceed and Start Copying AV Project we need to click on “Copy Now”.
STEP 4: Now, let’s Create our Share4You Account with our Personal Details (don’t copy the Details from the Image below, use your Details) – If you already have an Account you can click on “Already have an Account? Login Now” to Access your Share4You Account.
STEP 5: After we are “logged in” we should be able to see our Dashboard – if we don’t see it we just need to click on “Dashboard” from the Menu on the Left. Then we need to click on “Deposit” to Make a Deposit into our Trading Accounts – each Trader we Copy will have a different Account and we need to click the “Deposit” Button from the Account where we want to Deposit Funds – these Trading Accounts belong to you and you are NOT making Deposits or sending any funds to any Traders – Share4You will link the Balance to be Traded by the Trader we have chosen.
Note 1: We have chosen a $14 Investment with AV Project, and because there will be Transaction Fees for Deposits we need to Deposit at least $15 to make sure there will be $14 or more in the Balance after the Deposit is Completed. The Trader we are Copying will only use up to $14 (the Investment you have chosen). If we deposit less than $14 the Copy Trading won’t be activated.
Note 2: You will notice that our Balance is shown in US Cents, which means for each $1 US Dollar we will have $100 Us Cents. In this example we will Deposit $15 US Dollars and it will show $1430.50 US Cents (after the Deposit Transaction Fee).
After we have done the Deposit the Copy Trading will be Activated and it will start using our Balance whenever the Trader opens Trade Positions and we will make Profit/Loss when they Close their Trade Positions.
STEP 6: To Withdraw our Balance we just need to click the “little” Arrow as shown below:
COPY MORE TRADERS: We can Copy as many Traders as we like and to find more Traders to Copy we just need click on “Share4You Leaders” and find the ones we want to Copy following the same Instructions (from Step 2). Or we can come to this Instructions Page and choose any Trader(s) from the Top 10 (see Step 1).
Deposit Options: We can Make Deposits/Withdrawals with Credit/Debit Cards, WMZ, WME, Bank Trasfer, Skrill or Neteller – Each Payment Option needs to be verified before we can Make a Deposit (this is only for the first Deposit, after we will be able to use it without any other Verifications)
Account Verification: Make sure you Verify your Account by Uploading the Required Documents for your ID and Proof of Residence – click on your Name and then “Verification”. The Verification usually takes less than 24 Hours and if you require any assistance you can Contact their Support via “Live Chat”.

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